Twitter and the Super Bowl


I often talk with clients and prospects about ways to grow their social media following. And one of the first questions I ask them is “How are you leveraging your other marketing channels to do so?”

I find that most organizations haven’t really thought about it that way. Maybe they include twitter or Facebook icons on their ads. Or, include a clever hashtag. But, any promotion using social media tends to live in an isolated social universe. Let’s promote a Facebook sweepstakes on Facebook! Well, sure you can do that. And Facebook makes it easy to target ads to parties who may be interested. But, why not think more broadly?

Which is why I found Esurance’s use of their Super Bowl ad so interesting. They decided to promote a twitter sweepstakes to the broadest audience possible – the Super Bowl. In a spot that ran just after the game ended (probably saving them some significant money while still reaching a huge audience), they promoted a chance to win $1.5 million just for posting a hashtag.

Now, whether this exposure is a good business decision for Esurance I can’t say, as I’m not privy to their inside strategy. However, it’s certainly a creative way to enhance their social media exposure using television to do so.

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