Staying Classy in San Diego



Sorry – I couldn’t resist.

Had the wonderful opportunity to escape from the snow and cold of Baltimore for a few days to visit a new agency partner out in sunny and warm San Diego.  I love trips like this – lots of business going on, but also a chance to explore a town and see new things.  Given the time difference, I also found myself awake at 4 in the morning, meaning extra chances to do things like grab breakfast and walk around town.

Here are three basic things I try to do everytime I travel for work:

1.  Eat something local.  In San Diego, it’s the Fish Tacos.  Great Fish Tacos, people told me.  So I tried some for myself.  My favorites were here, but I also tried them here and here as well.  Always try and find something that the city is known for, that you can’t get anyplace else.

2.  See something local.  I’ll admit, I was working too hard and dropped the ball a bit on this trip.  Still, I managed to have a drink at the renovated and historic U.S. Grant hotel and wander around the Gaslamp Quarter each morning (imagine the French Quarter, but a little less congested).  Next time, I’ll make some time to see the sights.

3.  Spend as little time in my hotel as possible.  Have a few minutes to kill?  Go take a walk.  In fact, I’m writing this post in a local breakfast place.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the hotel I’m in, but visiting a new city means getting out and seeing the city, right?  And you can only see so much from your hotel room window.

It’s been a nice visit, but it’s always good to head home (well, when it’s not 3 degrees and snowing, I suppose).  My next trip takes me to Columbia, MO (where I’ve never been), and I’m looking forward to finding something memorable out there – suggestions are welcome.


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