Starting Something New



As some of you know, I’ve recently turned JK Squared into a full-time operation.  And when I say “full-time”, I really mean it.  It’s been more than 10 years since I launched my first business.  I was young, naive and confident, always confident, that the next project would just come rolling in no matter what I did.  This time it’s different.  I have the experience that says things only happen when you make them happen. No time for afternoon naps (sigh), when there’s a coffee, call or meeting to be had.

So, with that in mind, what’s it been like the first three weeks of the JK Squared era?  Busy.  Consistently hectic.  Life constantly in motion.  All great things.  I’m lucky enough to have launched with three paying clients, and, naturally, they all are immediately busy.  Developing a new campaign strategy, while also editing a 24-page newsletter, and finding time for business development efforts is hard.  But that’s one of the things I truly love about it all.  Having to learn where and how to balance my time.  And remembering that you NEVER know where a great opportunity may occur.

A friend of mine called me last Friday night, asking me to join his agency for a meeting that Monday.  Naturally, I was a bit skeptical, given the last-minute invitation.  But the meeting went great, and it could present a nice strategic marketing opportunity.  Later in the week, a marketing challenge presented by one of my agency clients led to reconnecting with an experiential marketing team I’ve wanted to work with, which could lead to a chance to build something really cool on the streets of San Diego.  You just never know, so take every meeting and return every call, and see where they all take you.

All of which explains why my blogging hasn’t been as frequent as I’d have liked.  In fact, have to cut this one short because I’m having coffee with a former client of mine from years ago.  Hey, you never know, right? 


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