New Year’s Goals and Objectives


Happy New Year, everyone.

I always tell my clients that before starting any marketing campaign, you need to define your goals and your objectives.  So, in that spirit, I wanted to share with you, my loyal readers, some of my own professional goals and objectives for 2014.  This is especially relevant for me, in that I’m launching a new business in 2014 (website coming soon – stay tuned!), which comes with it’s own primary financially-driven goals and objectives (find clients, make money, pay mortgage, etc.).  But, I also want goals and objectives that will motivate me every day beyond just financial success, and give me something that I can look back on in December and feel proud about having achieved.

So, three goals and objectives for JK Squared in the new year ahead:

1.  Help three new clients solve their marketing challenges.  As I set out in launching a new strategic marketing consultancy, I expect I’ll be working with a lot of clients and partners that I’ve been lucky enough to have met or worked beside in one of my past agency lives.  But, this year I also want to develop at least three new relationships that go beyond a single project, helping these new partners enact meaningful change to their marketing operation – whether that’s helping to build a marketing department, finding a new stream of customers, developing an ongoing social media strategy, or establishing a trusted creative partnership.  This year, I hope to do a little bit of a lot of things, including developing broadcast creative, writing marketing strategies, developing social media campaigns, helping companies re-brand themselves, conducting market research – all for a broader range of clients than I’ve had the opportunity to pursue the past several years.

2.  Upgrade my office space.  This is not my first time starting a business.  And, I’ve learned that there are always sacrifices to be made when you do so.  I’ve had to give up things like administrative support, IT help, software subscriptions, etc. in the past.  It’s all part of the exciting journey of building something from scratch.  This time, my biggest sacrifice has been in my office situation – I’ve gone from a very nice dedicated space in a highly-trafficked retail area . . . to something a bit different.  (Although it’s definitely an upgrade over my first office at my first company, which was a converted craft table in an unfinished basement.)  So, one of my goals for 2014 is to generate enough revenue to justify dedicated office space that fits the tone of my new venture.  (Not an easy task in the suburban wasteland that is Columbia, MD – thanks Julia.)

3.  Identify four opportunities for speaking engagements.  I truly enjoy giving presentations.  It doesn’t matter the audience – two prospects across a table, or 400 people in a ballroom – standing in front of a group and sharing my thoughts on a topic is something I love to do.  And not just speaking either, but I also love deciding what to speak about and building a presentation with impact.  It’s something that I think I do well, and not nearly enough.  So in 2014, I’m going to actively find at least four opportunities to get in front of a group and speak.

Those are my 2014 goals and objectives.  What are yours?  Rather than make new year’s resolutions for 2014 that we’re all unlikely to keep (Weight Watchers, I’m talking to you!), I encourage each of you to come up with your own measurable goals and objectives.  And, I wish you the best of luck in achieving them.

One thought on “New Year’s Goals and Objectives

  1. Jeff – good stuff! You should check out the Howard County Tech Council if you’re not already connected there. Could provide some opportunities to get in front of growing tech firms in the region, especially if you’re going to be based in the area.

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