A Guide To Strategic Marketing – Part 1


When I’m meeting new people and they ask what it is that I do, I typically answer “I’m a Strategic Marketing Consultant.”  The next question I then often get is “so, exactly what is it that you do?”  I find that for most people (especially those not in marketing), the idea of a marketing consultant itself is somewhat vague – and then applying “strategic” to that makes it even more so.  I usually tell them that I develop solutions to marketing challenges, including making ads, coming up with marketing plans and helping organizations with social media communications.  That typically mollifies them, and the conversation continues.

But I want to go back to the “strategic” word.  What makes for a “strategic” marketing consultant?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  In a series of posts to come over the next few weeks, I’m going to present my to-be-patented “Guide to Strategic Marketing”.  Today’s first part explains exactly what Strategic Marketing is, and how I approach these marketing challenges.  So, without further ado:

The JK Squared Guide to Strategic Marketing – Part 1:  What is Strategic Marketing (And Why Does It Matter?)

Congratulations!  You’ve just opened a brand new factory.  You’ve come up with a great idea, built a fantastic product and have a team of employees ready to create and distribute. You hired an amazing sales force who is ready to hit the ground running and have set aside a budget for advertising.

So, where do you spend your money first?   Sales materials or TV?   Maybe a big public relations announcement and event?  I hear that internet marketing is really popular – maybe that’s a good place to start?

In order to find the right answers, you need a strategic marketing plan. A strategic marketing plan isn’t based on something you learned in business school, but an action plan that’s based on real-world experiences. It’s not filled with industry lingo and jargon, but instead contains “blocking and tackling” elements that start your business humming today.

A strategic marketing plan is the rules by which your marketing is going to operate. It will help you organize your efforts, make difficult budgeting decisions and ensure that all of your marketing is driven to achieve your business goals.  After all, isn’t that why we do this in the first place?

Coming soon –  Part 2:  Building a Strategic Marketing Plan


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