Daytime Downtime



I don’t know about any of you, but I often find myself with some unexpected downtime during the day.  No matter how busy I might be, there’s always a few times throughout the day where I’ve got 15 minutes between meetings or calls – not enough time to really get into writing a marketing plan or analyzing response spreadsheets, but more than enough time for a quick bathroom break, water refill or update.  So, it made me wonder, how does everyone else fill that time?  There’s only so many times a day you can skim a business publication, organize emails or check Facebook (which is a work-related function for me, just for the record).  How can you make your “free time” in the day productive and engaging?

I posed this question to some co-workers over lunch today, and here are some of the things they suggested:

  • Get outside and take a quick walk
  • Research one of your competitors to brainstorm new ideas
  • Download and try out a new app, either for personal or professional use
  • Check LinkedIn for an interesting article to share on your social channels
  • Drop off your dry cleaning (which only applies if your dry cleaner is literally in your building – which ours happens to be!)

Regardless of what you decide to do to fill your free time, it’s important to stay motivated and energized throughout the day.  I tend to spend my free time reading local news publications for biz dev ideas (the “Business Journals” are great for this), looking through my LinkedIn feed, or composing a blog post.  (It’s amazing how many of my blogs are written at various points throughout the day, and then posted once ready.  Sometimes, those actually tend to be the best ones.)

So, how do YOU fill your daily free time?  The best idea that’s posted gets 15-minutes of my time for free!


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