One Coin Will Rule Them All!!


Not sure if you’ve seen this yet, but judging from the response from the Technorati I know, if you haven’t you will.

It’s Coin ( – a one-source method of payment. Bye-bye giant wallet (my college roommate will be crushed – his Costanza-esque wallet has always been a source of pride).

Pre-sales look good so far – 24 days left, and they’ve already reached their crowd sourcing goal. I have lots of questions (mostly revolving around security and timing – hopefully, a bigger player doesn’t steal the idea first). And, with mobile payment becoming more and more available at merchants (I haven’t used anything other than my iPhone in a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks in a very long time), I wonder how long before I can completely throw my wallet away.

But, kudos to Coin for not only a great idea, but also a well-presented one. The video makes it really easy to understand exactly what this is and why I want it. And oh, do I want it!


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