Airspace Lounge – Making Travel Great


I travel a lot for work. In many ways, it’s become routine. Parking garage to gate. Gate to plane. Stop for fast food. Search for wifi. Hope rental car doesn’t smell. Check in to hotel. Enjoy miniature soap. Turn around and head back. So, when I am surprised (either in a good way or a bad way), I stop and notice.

That brings me to American Express’s new Airspace Lounge. I’ve been to two thus far: Baltimore and Cleveland. What makes these airports unique is that they don’t have regular airport lounges. So in the past there hadn’t been a spot for reliable wifi, a quiet place to sit, or a free cup of coffee. For $20 (or free with certain types of Amex cards), you get all of that and more. The decor is simple, yet comfortable. There is a conference room you can rent (although I haven’t yet). And you get a $7 credit for snacks or cocktails. (This morning, I enjoyed the cheese plate).

What is really great is that allows you to be productive. I can set my laptop on the counter and work undisturbed until my flight takes off. Many lounges I use are often overcrowded or not practical – a comfy chair is nice, but it’s hard to edit a presentation with a computer on my lap. The mix of comfort and practicality at the Airspace Lounge is top notch.

My only complaint is that there just aren’t enough of them. Hopefully, that will change in time.

Business travelers – which airport lounges are your favorites and why?


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