NASCAR and Social Media


NASCAR and Social Media

Last post for the week, as I’m headed to Dover for the AAA 400 this weekend.  Check back here on Monday to see how brands interacted with fans at the track, hopefully along with a few up-close-and-personal images of the cars, drivers and personalities that make the sport go.

Meantime, here’s a great read from my friends at USA Today on what goes on behind the scenes at the NASCAR social media command center, and how that data helps the decision-making process inside the privately-held organization.  Many teams, leagues, and other organizations have integrated a social media command center into their operations over the past year.  With so much being shared about your brand (or product or service or sport), being aware of the conversations as they are happening should be a critical piece of any communication strategy.

What tools does your organization use for social media monitoring, and how have you used that information to improve the operation?  (If you don’t have a good answer, maybe shoot me a note and we’ll see if we can help!)


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