Dollar Shave Club – Worth Every Penny



I watched an interesting interview clip this morning with Michael Dubin, co-Founder and CEO of the Dollar Shave Club.  In it, he describes their reason for being and some of the products they sell.  Last week, I posted that companies needed to be careful about over-extending themselves.  And Mr. Dubin sums up quite nicely where his business has decided to expand:  “[Our] goal is to own the bathroom.” 

As a fellow entrepreneur, I agree with his take that starting a new business can be an unpredictable ride.  You have to learn how to handle both the highs and the lows – both are inevitable.  It’s something that I have to remind myself of constantly – it’s not always easy.

But back to the Dollar Shave Club.  I was tempted to try it after tiring of constantly buying new razor blades using the latest technology from the leading retailers.  And I have been pleasantly surprised by the results – are the razors as nice as the top-of-the-line brands endorsed by celebrities and athletes?  Not necessarily.  However, they are dependable, provide a clean shave, last about the same amount of time, and are delivered right to my mailbox as often as I want them.  And it costs me much less than a dollar a shave – a pack of four blades costs me $9 and lasts about a month.  Not too shabby.

But it’s their irreverent marketing tone that keeps me coming back more than anything.  I just like the way they roll.  When my razors come, it includes a card thanking me for the purchase.  And, sharing me some information about the people who work there – for instance, yesterday I met Tom who (among other things) likes Michael Jackson.  I know this because he signed off “Sham-On. Hee Hee.”  Their product videos are unique, have gone viral and make me feel that I’m not just a customer but that I’m in on some kind of global joke.

Great idea, unique marketing, solid product.  Three key elements that I hope lead to a successful ride.  I encourage you to give them a shot – use this link if you do.  If enough people sign up, I might get myself some free product!



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