Jonathan Ogden – St. Albans School’s Hometown Hall of Famer



I spend my morning today at St. Albans School in Washington, DC for a ceremony honoring Pro Football Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden, who attended St. Albans from 7th grade on.  It’s part of a partnership with one of the Hall’s sponsors, where a HOFers high school or college is presented with a commemorative plaque to celebrate the communities in which they grew up.  Jonathan is one of five former NFL players from St. Albans, and easily the most successful of them all on the field.Image

The ceremony was held in the school gym where Jonathan was joined by the current student body (dressed in purple #75 T-shirts), as well as friends, associates and former teammates.  JO got a good laugh from the crowd when he was asked his favorite part of being a student at St. Albans (“lunch” was the answer, before getting serious about the educators and the opportunities presented at the school).  He also admitted to growing up a Redskin fan and admiring the Hogs – letting the kids know it’s okay to be a Skins fan in DC as well.


The plaque was presented to Jonathan, where he posed with a few dignitaries who attended the event.  But one special moment came when JO posed with the student currently wearing #75 for the school.  No pressure, right?  It turns out that he will be the last student ever to wear #75, as the school announced that it was going to be retiring the number after this season (the first jersey ever retired by the school).


So, sorry @jhendge – unfortunately you missed your chance.

Great honor for Jonathan today, and great job by the Hall of getting into a larger community.



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