NFL Season = Opportunities for Marketers


NFL Season = Opportunities for Marketers

There is no single sport in the US today that can match the impact of professional football. All across the country, fans are celebrating the return of the NFL whether their team is a Super Bowl contender, pretender or the Oakland Raiders. (With apologies to some very good friends, who happen to be big fans.)

For marketers, this presents opportunity. We have many clients who turn to the NFL to help activate their brands. It’s not enough just to put a sign in the end zone and call it a day – in order to make impact, brands must be active in how they promote themselves within the context of the game itself.

Here are a few links to some interesting national NFL activations this year:

Bud Light’s “Superstitions” campaign, complete with customized can artwork and branded tailgates in each NFL city.

Courtyard by Marriott, who greeted guests during NFL Kickoff Weekend with a “kickoff package” of snacks at check-in, game-day specials, and scratch-off ticket promotions.

Visa is making NFL dreams come true using social media. Fans share their dreams using a special twitter hashtag, and the Visa will monitor the tweets and make a few of them come true.

What are some of your favorite NFL activations so far this season? Which brands really stand out?


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