It’s Football Season, Which Means Gold to Advertisers


It's Football Season, Which Means Gold to Advertisers

So, it’s 7:30 pm on Sunday – how much football will you have watched this weekend? How many hours did you spend checking out your fantasy team, and updating your roster before the weekend even started? How about college football – I’ll bet you saw some of that on Friday or Saturday. And once the season gets started, Tuesdays and Thursdays also. In fact, between September and January, it’s hard to go more than a day without catching at least a part of a pro, college or even high school games.

And it’s not just great for the fans. It’s also great for advertisers too. Click the photo to read a story from the New York Times that points out what makes football advertising gold. It’s not just the power of live sports, but the passion fans feel for their team. (Which remind me, today’s photo is in honor of my younger brother, the proud UGA alumn who pointed out last week’s lost to Clemson didn’t matter so long as his DAWGS took care of business in the SEC. Which they did – congrats, Bird.) That passion translates to a deep affinity for their favorite teams, and the brands that support them.

Just ask Under Armour, who has poured millions into licensing deals with NCAA teams (including my own Northwestern Wildcats, who have never looked better). Or Nike, who paid a bundle to take over the NFL contract last year. Or any number of corporate sponsors who you’ll see at the next stadium you visit, email update you receive, or team website you visit. Over the past several years, I’ve witnessed firsthand for my clients how aligning with sports really does help achieve business goals. Whether it’s building awareness to a younger audience (of paramount importance to one of my clients) or winning new brand ambassadors by surprising and delighting them or using sports to build a marketing database to sell new products and services, aligning your brand with the right franchise, athlete or event can make the difference between success and failure.

On a more personal level, my favorite new wrinkle is the number of options for watching football on my iPad. From NFL Mobile’s live NFL RedZone Channel(thank you Verizon!) to the Big 10 Network’s BTN2GO to Watch ESPN, I caught about half of my football this weekend from around the house and on the porch. Now I never have to go without football. I tell you, Mrs. JK has never been happier.


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