Blog Posting – What if I don’t have time?



(Photo courtesy of Ikea.  Where so many great and simple time-saving tips come from.)

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers can face is finding the time to post their blogs.  Take this week (from my perspective) for instance.  Between client meetings, secular holidays, Jewish holidays, and my normal workload, I haven’t had a lot of time to get to my typical 3 to 4 weekly posts.

Inspired by this, I wanted to share three tips for staying on a consistent blogging schedule.

  1. Bookmark interesting articles that may make for good blog posts.  I would imagine that most of us subscribe to a series of e-mail newsletters, do a lot of reading online, or have articles sent to us by colleagues.  Keep those articles bookmarked in your toolbar, so that you have a quick blog update ready to go – just post the article, and a few thoughts relating to it, and you can continue to share your perspective on the world and intrigue a few followers on a topic that may not be worth an entire post.  (I have three such articles currently sitting in my queue, so look for upcoming blog posts on fantasy football, Nike ads, and Emergency Room sponsorships.)
  2. Pre-write your blogs in an off-line format.  Should you find yourself with a slow day, go ahead and write a few extra blog posts in an MS Word or Google Doc (or Pages, if you’re on a Mac).  Find a few timeless topics, supplement it with some photos from the web, and keep them in a folder on your harddrive.  Faced with a time crunch, you’ll have something to fall back on.
  3. Be brief.  Sometimes a blog post takes a lot of time – you’ve got photos to share, thoughts to convey and discussion to stimulate.  That’s great.  Other times, it’s okay to keep it short and sweet.  Remember your readership – they don’t always have a lot of time either.  If you can pass along something interesting and get out of their way, that’s okay every once in a while.

I’m off to the rest of my day, so I’m going to follow rule number 3 and wish everyone a great weekend!


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