The Greatest Boy Band Ever Filmed


The recent news that Morgan Spurlock is going to be at the helm of a new concert film about One Direction (aka “1D”) will likely make many of his fans ask whether Mr. Spurlock is selling out. While Mr. Spurlock doesn’t directly addresses that in the article linked below from the New York Times, he does discuss why he decided to take advantage of this opportunity:

“To get to work with one of the biggest bands in the world right now,” he said, “and to capture that moment in time is also a rare thing.”

The full article can be found here:

The partnership between Mr. Spurlock and 1D is an intriguing one. My wife and daughter caught 1D this summer at HersheyPark. The band did a great job of integrating their marketing partners throughout the experience – photo marketing with branded backdrops, product sampling on site, signage around the venue. That partnership mix will not be new ground for Mr. Spurlock – his 2011 movie “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” focuses on the mix between content, branding and sponsorship. As demonstrated in the “TED Talk” video here, sponsors should be careful on what they sign up for. With 1D, it’s a wholesome image and exposure to teenage girls, which is why Pepsi, Colgate, Oreo, and others have signed up.

So, is Mr. Spurlock selling out by making a movie with 1D? As he points out in his interview, he’s a documentary filmmaker who makes “popular” movies. And in some ways, no band right now is more popular than 1D. What’s selling out about making a movie that will be seen by millions? (Well,

The more interesting question is whether or not I’ll go see the movie. If my daughter has anything to say about it, the answer is “yes”. (And as a Spurlock fan, I hope he’s able to make it as interesting to me as his other projects.)


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